Without a properly maintained roof a home can quickly become an uncomfortable space, at West Construction Group we like to educate our customers on the importance of the biannual roof inspection and our mantra is “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Your roofer should come once in the spring and once in the fall, many problems are caught before the harsh heat of summer and cold temperatures of winter set in. Maintaining your roof is part of protecting your investment and waiting until after a major storm or a leak appears on your ceiling can be detrimental to your roof. There are other essential times when a roof requires an inspection as well, this includes times like:

-If you are purchasing a new home, the roof will need to be inspected. Unless you have deep pockets, your mortgage company will require a thorough inspection of the entire house including a roof inspection.

-If you are changing insurance companies or renewing your home owner’s your roof will most likely require an inspection. The premium will be based on the value of your home so correcting issues prior to the inspection with the insurance company is essential in saving money. Having a well maintained roof is a requirement for keeping the rest of the home in excellent order.

-If you see a water stain on your ceiling.

-If you see a hole in or within the soffit boards of your roof potentially created by rodents.

-If your neighborhood was hit with a storm that produced hail or high winds. Even if you cannot initially see the damage you should still request an inspection from a professional roofer. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO A ROOF INSPECTION YOURSELF. Allow the roofer to inspect your roof so there is no possibility of you getting hurt; a professional roofer will have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to safely climb on your roof and inspect.

-If you notice broken tiles or missing shingles.

The roof inspection will start with an exterior inspection of the home, your roofer will search for damage, wear and tear and also neglected maintenance issues. Your roofer will also provide assessments for the substructure of the roof. The interior inspection will consist of inspecting the attic and insulation for mildew or mold or stains, ceilings and walls will also be inspected for stains. During your roof inspection your general contractor will be looking for faults with the material, structure, and workmanship. The material(shingle or tile) should be free of cracks or curling, the structure should have no sagging in decking and your roof should be free of workmanship flaws. Your roof should also show that the homeowner has been diligent in the upkeep of the gutters, mortar around chimney, the flashing is free of rust, roof valleys that are free of debris and ensure that water resistant seals are free of rot and wear. A well maintained shingled roof can easily last 20 years and a tile roof can last 100 years with regular roof inspections.

Once your inspection is complete your professional roofer will provide an assessments of any repairs or maintenance requirements. If any damage on the roof is found it will need to be addressed quickly to avoid a progression of deterioration of the home. For a free roof inspection in Dallas, Fort Worth, Addison, Plano, Mckinney, Allen, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mesquite, Rowlett, Keller, North Richland Hills, or Southlake area call 972-730-2594.