Now that you have decided to redesign your kitchen from a dated eyesore to the warm, inviting and elegant space that serves as the heart and soul of the home there are several components to take into consideration. Improvements into your Dallas kitchen remodel can mean a multistep process and a general contractor with extensive knowledge in kitchen renovations should be consulted. At West Construction Group we have seen a rise in several trends within our own kitchen remodels, we have compiled a list of trends to consider to keep your renovation within current style.

  1. Change the Backsplash- Choosing a backsplash tile is one of the most important design features of your kitchen remodel. Gone are the days when having a wood floor and quartz countertops was enough to make a kitchen stand out. Homeowners now feel the need to accent appliances and cabinets while showcasing creative ways of using untraditional materials as backsplash. Untraditional materials include copper, wood cladding, shiplap, and glass. Another inspirational backsplash trend for 2020 is patterned tiles; graphic patterns with bold designs. If you’re the type of homeowner that finds this style to be a bit  busy then simpler tile patterns including chevron, herringbone, arabesque and fish scale come in a variety of colors.
  2. Change Kitchen Cabinets- The color of the kitchen cabinets can set the color scheme for the whole kitchen. In 2020 we are seeing brighter colors as the trend or mixing a navy blue island with white cabinetry. Popular materials for cabinets in 2020 include maple, laminate, birch, ash, pine and red oak. When choosing wood cabinets consider the grain and color for your Dallas kitchen remodel.
  3. Redesign the Kitchen Layout- Changing the kitchen layout can make a home more inviting since the kitchen is the heart of the home. The most common layout is the L shaped kitchen and takes up two adjoining walls, this type of kitchen design is great to speed up traffic flow in a kitchen but not the best design if you want your family to be able to congregate. The L shape kitchen design is perfect if you would like to add an island or dining table/breakfast nook. Island kitchen designs can consist of an L shaped kitchen or a one wall kitchen and the island can be used as counter space to cook or stools can be added to create a welcoming environment for family and friends. If you have the square footage to spare then a U shaped kitchen might be an ideal kitchen remodel design. The U shaped kitchen takes up three walls, allows for two cooks to work at the same time and allows for the most amount of cabinetry space. The U shaped design can be combined with an island or possibly a dining area. A galley kitchen is essentially a walkthrough kitchen(a narrow passage between to opposite walls), one wall will feature cooking components and the opposite wall will accommodate the sink and dish washer.
  4. Remodel With New Countertops- There are six most commonly used materials used for counter tops, granite, quartz, wood, marble, quartzite, and porcelain. Quartz is a man made material that is stain resistant, doesn’t need to be sealed, and scratch resistant, and comes in an endless amount of colors and patterns. Similar to quartz is quartzite and is the natural stone counterpart for remodeling a kitchen is the most popular in 2020. Quartzite is cheaper than marble but more resistant to stain and scratches. The kitchen trends for 2020 include veined marble or quartz and popular colors include white with bold veins .
  5. Hardware Update- Installing new hardware can be the cheapest and easiest way to update a kitchen but can make a big impact on the styling of a kitchen remodel. Tubular door pulls add a contemporary element to a 2020 kitchen remodel and a modern yet traditional option is brass pulls or handles that matches the kitchen sink fixtures has become popular in 2020.
  6. Opt for Open Shelves- Floating shelves add practicality by giving storage options while saving money on cabinetry. Open shelving is a good option to display decorative dishes, glassware or pottery. A common trend for 2020 is combining wooden, rustic floating shelves with rectangular, subway tiles as a backsplash. A natural wood finish can add the perfect touch of unrefined contrast to a more modern element such as white subway tile or stainless steel appliances.
  7. Contrasting Kitchen Island- Creating a focal point within a kitchen can be as easy as painting the kitchen island a contrasting color or leaving it unpainted and showcasing the island’s natural grain texture. Even changing the island’s kitchen counter while leaving the remaining counters can insert an innovative aesthetic. A current design trend for 2020 is to incorporate the old with the new, using repurposed or reclaimed materials are commonly used for kitchen islands. Everything from old shutters, tin ceiling tiles, vintage dressers, and salvaged factory carts have been repurposed and used to add a one-of-a-kind touch and rustic charm.
  8. Conceal the Range Hood- Obscuring the hood is on the rise for kitchen aesthetics, disguising the vent with the cabinetry is an option but many homeowners have become creative in their attempts to conceal this appliance. Covering the vent with wood brings a warm rustic element to a kitchen remodel. Crown molding encasing a range vent  can bring a regal factor and integrates a mantle piece style and a false cabinet is an option that many Dallas homeowners consider to create a more modern kitchen.

For all your Dallas and Fort Worth kitchen remodel needs consider a 5 star rated general contractor like West Construction Group to make the most of your home’s kitchen space. West Construction Group has the experience and capabilities to handle large and small home modifications and ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.