Spring in the North Texas area can be a beautiful time of the year, everywhere you look new life is all around and even quite possibly within your roof.  Your roof will need to be ready to not only endure the longer days filled with more sun but also elements like those April downpours. Preparation is essential and an inspection from a professional roofer can be the best preventative to interior and exterior damage and according to the National Roofing Contractor’s Association an inspection should be conducted twice a year to maintain your roof. Evaluating the state of the roof’s shingles, gutters, flashings and chimney is part of maintaining your home’s health.

Animal Nests

Warm, spring weather also means momma animals are building their nests in preparation of bringing their offspring into the world and your roof is a great place to do that. From rats, squirrels, birds, raccoons, and even bats search for the dark, warm, and humid environment like a roof. Rodents can cause significant damage from chewing and burrowing and will need to be removed by a professional exterminator. If you suspect a pest invasion do not attempt to remove the animal yourself, wild animals can carry diseases and bites aren’t uncommon when a mother is trying to protect a nest of babies.

Subpar Masonry

A professional general contractor can quickly spot vulnerable areas left behind by the harsh winter weather.The mortar between the bricks on your chimney are subject to rot just like shingles on your roof. During the winter its common that the freezing weather causes condensation to expand the mortar between bricks and leave gaps that can lead to interior leaks during those springs storms. To avoid interior damage a professional roofer should thoroughly inspect the chimney and mortar for cracks and rot once spring has arrived.

Gutter Clearing

Freezing weather can cause debris from trees to land on roofs and end up in gutters, this debris in gutters can cause water to pool and create and can cause damage to the roofing system by clogging the channels. Regular maintenance can prevent the leaks and damaged landscaping from gutters, removing overflow from the gutters can be done by a professional gutter cleaning company or yourself with precaution. If your home doesn’t have gutters now is a great time for installation, as the spring storms result in a downpour of precipitation runoff will result in erosion around the home’s foundation.

Be Informed

The North Texas area is know for receiving hail ranging from pea size to softball size, now is the time to make sure your insurance policy gives you adequate coverage for roof replacement if the need arises. It’s really not a matter of if your home will be hit with hail but a matter of when; when you own a home in the DFW area. Being misinformed can be costly in the event of a hail storm or even a tornado. Double checking your policy might not be the first thing that comes to mind when preparing your roof for spring but preparation for the future is key to peace of mind and saving money.

Spring Cleaning

Everything is growing during spring, your lawn, that nest of cute cotton tails you found in the landscaping around your home and also algae and moss. Spring time brings about humid weather that allows mold spores to flourish and algae will grow abundantly on roofs with plenty of shade quickly wrecking havoc on shingle, decomposing them long before they reach their life expectancy. Mold on your roof can be more damaging on your family within the home if it continues to grow and get into the home’s interior. Mold exposure to humans can cause a variety of health problems like rash, frequent sinusitis, wheezing, and allergy-like symptoms and people that have compromised immune systems can be more sensitive to mold. Prepare your roof for spring by cleaning up that roof either by hiring a professional roof cleaning company or doing it yourself with roof detergents available commercially.

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