Dallas is in the midst to repair due to several tornadoes, many homeowners are left with nothing while others seem like there isn’t a scratch to be found…….seems to be. There were multiple areas hit in the Dallas metroplex but the city of Dallas has estimated a 14.6 million dollar loss to its government buildings. It’s a common myth that a tornado can completely level a home and then the one next door will be left perfectly intact, in fact it is very rare because the winds that produce these storm systems are so strong that usually homes within a mile radius of the storm usually sustains some type of damage and just because a homeowner cannot see the damaged roof doesn’t mean it’s not there and will get worse if left alone. 

Tornados are generated by strong winds that not only blow debris but generate strong updrafts within their vertical column. The updrafts created by these storms can “suck” the building materials on your home, its common to hear about roofs being lifted off a home but its also common for windows to be sucked out of place and even homes to be displaced from their foundations in more violent and larger storms. The roof’s sheathing can be easily “vacuumed” up along with the shingle and roof repair in Dallas will include these repairs.

Your roof can become damaged a number of ways from a tornado but the most common form of damage comes from tree limbs or other debris flying into the roof. Hail usually accommodates the strong winds of a tornado which can reach over 200mph and be as large as softballs. Hail favors parent storms with strong upward motions of air and lower freezing zones. Hail is generally observed in the northernmost path of tornado activity and usually the stronger the storm will generate larger hail. The hail damage from a tornado usually will show up as “dimpling” on siding and metals on the house such as downspouts or gutters.

Exposure to high winds will also cause damage to to your roof, the majority of the damage will be on the edges and corners of the roof are more susceptible. To avoid damage from significant wind events the perimeter of your residential building needs to be roofed with quality materials by a professional roofer. Strong winds can cause a peeling effect on shingle if uplift happens on a portion of the roof that is loose, so roof repair in Dallas should begin with a thorough investigation at the the corners. It’s not uncommon when shingle is peeled off a roof by strong winds then insulation and internal elements are exposed to water damage. 

The most common types of internal damage from tornados are:

Stains on the ceiling that is from moisture(these can be brown, grey or yellow)

Wet Plaster

Bubbling Paint

Moisture Spots in the Attic

Sunlight coming through rafters in the attic

Aerial footage of Dallas communities effected by the October 2019 tornado show uprooted fences and punched out windows from their panes along with the obvious roof damage. A paramount concern will always be the “not-so-obvious” damage, this includes structural damage and will require an engineer to assess for safety. Roof repair in Dallas has already begun and a thorough inspection by a Dallas professional roofer should be at the top of every Dallas resident’s to do list.

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