At West Construction Group, we have seen several mistakes that roofers in Dallas have made throughout the years. Have you ever heard conflicting information from roofers in Dallas? It’s difficult when looking for a roofers in Dallas to know exactly who to trust or what information is accurate. Roofing companies in Dallas TX should strive to give the quality roof that every home deserves while not cutting corners so that the homeowner will benefit from a proper roof for years to come. Read below to learn about the most common errors from roofing companies in Dallas.

Multiple Layers of Felt– The image above shows a core sample of a roof that had three layers of roofing felt. Roof felt serves as a barrier to protect the decking against water, felt paper is installed under shingle. A core sample is used by roofers in Dallas to asses the roof layers and composition of the roof membrane. It has been seen by West Construction Group roofing professionals that many roofers skip removing felt paper and will continue to add layer upon layer. Homeowners are oblivious to the damage this is causing their home, the additional felt has the ability to trap heat between the shingles and decking causing a manufacture warranty to be voided and the lifespan of the roof to be greatly reduced. Roof decking and trusses are only designed to withhold the weight of one layer of felt, the extra layers of felt can be hazardous for anyone within the dwelling and will surely compromise the integrity of the structure. The initial financial gain is only temporary and more than likely will be outweighed 

By adding layers of felt there is an aspect of not seeing all the possible damage, roof decking may be rotting or have holes that is under felt paper; without exposing the deterioration the roof is never fully repaired.

Multiple Layers of Shingles– Many inexperienced roofers skimp on labor costs and will lay a second layer of shingle, they market it to homeowners as “two roofs are better than one.” While the roofer may be passing along the savings of cheap labor to the homeowner, in the end the homeowner pays. The roof’s longevity is compromised again and whenever that roof fails the homeowner will now be paying to take off two layers of shingle instead of one. Another aspect of having more than one layer of shingle is if there is ever a leak locating the leak becomes more complicated; a professional roofer will find difficulty in finding the origin of the leak if it is covered by multiple layers of shingle and repair costs can increase.

Incorrect shingle overhang– Shingle should overhang the roof from 1 inch to 1.5 inch at the eaves. Too much overhang can be caught by the wind and be blown off the roof. With less than an inch of overhanging shingles, rain water can seep into any wooden structure below the shingles and cause rot and mold. 

Incorrect alignment of shingles– Shingles that are misaligned are an eyesore to any homeowner, it’s a huge blemish on a home’s curb appeal. By not aligning the shingles properly the functionality of the shingle is compromised. Roofers in Dallas should place shingles in a staggered, step-like pattern similar to bricks on a house; each row of roofing shingles will offset the other. Shingles that are lined up at the edge will expose the decking underneath to rainwater. Roofing shingles that overlap too much or not enough create a “wavy” look on the roof diminishing the exterior aesthetics of the home.  

Nail Placement – Shingle manufacturers dictate how many nails per shingle is required for proper installation. At West Construction Group, the most common roof material we use is laminate asphalt shingle, this shingle has a common bond area where the shingle is double layered; this is where the roofing nail should be placed. Roofing nails that are placed above or below the common bond area will void the manufacturers warranty and will not perform as required in extreme weather conditions. 

Incorrect Nailing– Most roofers in Dallas use nail guns to adhere the shingle to the decking, occasionally roofers will hand nail but this is even less reliable than using a nail gun. Pneumatic nail guns have the option to set the air pressure that drives the nail into the surface that you’re working, these nail guns can be much more powerful than hammering a nail into a surface. The depth of the nail will need to be correctly adjusted so that the nail isn’t overdriven to the point that shingle and decking will be damaged and cause leaks. Nails will need to lay flush against the shingle and not underdriven as well; imprecise air pressure can also drive the roofing nails diagonally.

Every product that is installed on your home has proper guidelines from manufacturers and by following these directions will ensure unintended problems and roof longevity.  While searching for roofing companies in Dallas TX homeowners should start with review researching like the BBB and google. Roofing companies in Dallas that start with quality material and a labor crew that is experienced in applying them.

West Construction Group is a roofers in Dallas that has 5 star reviews through google, an A rating with the BBB and can assist any homeowner in the DFW area with any aspect of home renovation and roofing