While the appearance of algae spores can be frustrating for the homeowners that like their roof to be cosmetically appealing moss on the other hand can be damaging to a roof and will need to be removed by a proper roof cleaning. Most importantly, an annual roof cleaning will expand the life of you roof and increase its curb appeal. Algae can appear as ugly, black stains on the roof  and can cause heat retention and moss can range in color from yellow to a blue-green color and grows in areas where there is warm humid summers. Moss has the ability to retain moisture and will freeze in the winter causing cracks in shingles and cause wood rot in the summer months, moss is an actual plant and has a shallow root system that can easily spread throughout the roof. The repercussion for not removing moss is damage to the structural integrity of the roof. The algae that forms on roofs in the North Texas area is a bacterium that feeds off the limestone granules that are added to shingles by the manufacturer. 

There is a common misconception that a power washer is the best way to go about getting a clean roof, please do not attempt this! Once a roof has been pressure washed the warranty will be voided and the lifespan of the roof will be decreased by 5-7 years. The settings of the power washer can damage asphalt shingle, tile, and wood; while the power washer will be perfect for cleaning your driveway it is a tool that should never be used on a roof. But before the process of washing your roof begins make sure there are no missing shingles or loose flashing, do not attempt to clean a roof that requires maintenance.

Required Tools for Cleaning your Roof


Tree Trimmers

Commercial Roof Cleaner

Roof Stain Blocker

Garden Hose

Garden Hose Spray Nozzle

Safety Harness



Supplemental Water Pump

Slip Resistant Shoes

First, remove lawn furniture from around the home and cover landscaping along the home that wouldn’t benefit from the chemicals in the roof cleaner. Then clean out the gutters and downspouts; once debris has been removed from the gutters use a garden hose to ensure there are no blockages in the downspouts and water can run freely.

The roof cleaner you choose is very important, a bleach solution can lighten the roof and kill vegetation around your home, bleach will kill the top layer of algae but not the algae living under the shingles. Also, sodium hydroxide(lye) has been used by homeowners before but is not eco friendly and is corrosive; homeowners that come into direct contact with a lye solution while washing their roof can develop a nasty allergic reaction to the product. There are many roof cleaning solutions out on the market that are a better than bleach or lye and can be found at a Lowe’s or Home Depot. The day you choose to clean your roof is important as well, a day with an overcast sky will ensure that the cleaning solution won’t dry before it can be washed off after its been applied.

Step 1. Saturate your roof with clean water once debris has been removed from the roof. 

Step 2. Mix roof cleaning solution and spray with water pump, follow the directions of the cleaning solution. West Construction Group does not recommend scrubbing with the solution since it can cause granules to become loose on asphalt shingles in the process. 

Step 3. The cleaning solution directions will dictate how long the solution will need to stay on the home before rinsing. You might not see that the algae has been removed 100% from your roof when rinsed but have patience and know that it should wash away from consecutive rain after the roof cleaning. Moss will also loosen and can be blown off the roof over the next month.

Warning– Anytime you are on a roof there is always a chance of falling, to eliminate the risk of injury call an expert roof cleaning company. Once shingles on your roof become wet they will become slick. Also, there is a possibility of damaging your roof if you do not possess the knowledge of a professional especially if your home has an older roof. If you decide to choose a professional roof cleaning company, vet them like your Dallas Roofer; check reviews, see if they have insurance and find out their methods of cleaning. An average estimate for your roof to be cleaned will range from $400-$2,000 depending on the size of your roof.

There are times when cleaning is not enough because the growth of algae and moss have robbed the shingles of granules and the moss has left the the roof brittle, if moss has been on the roof for years its best to let a professional roofer inspect first. In these instances call a professional Dallas Roofer to help assess your roof for a roof replacement. For the professional and experience of a Dallas Roofer call West Construction Group at 972-730-2594