There are many instances where your home might be in need of an emergency roof repair but please do not panic. Did your roof sustain hail damage? Did a tree fall through your roof? Or maybe high winds ripped shingle and now there is a leak? Emergency roof repair can be done quickly once the forces of mother nature has subsided.

What situation constitutes an emergency roof repair?

At West Construction Group we have been mobilized in several situations for emergency roof repair in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but the most common is due to hail damage. Even the smallest holes in roofs can lead to interior damage to homes. In these cases necessary roof repair will consists of locating exactly where the damage is and tarping over the roof until the roof can be partially or completely replaced. Locating the damage can sometimes be very easy but in many situations it take a professional, experienced roofer to locate all the damage requiring emergency roof repair. In most situations a professionally installed tarp can be a temporary solution for an emergency roof repair for 90 days. Without emergency roof repair there is definitely a possibility of structural damage, electrical failure and even damage to insulation. In regards to electrical damage, adding a tarp to your roof is essential to preventing a fire. One drop of rainwater on exposed wiring can light a home up as quick as most fire accelerants.

While most homeowner’s insurance companies cover the cost of emergency roof repair, doing nothing for several months could cause a claim to be denied for failing to prevent damage to your home. There is a massive misconception that not reporting damage in a timely manner will not hurt homeowners in the long run. Minimizing interior damage should always be your number one priority and this applies to other forms of damage that require 24 hour roof repair. 

Besides hail damage, wind damage is a close second to why a homeowner would need roof repair. High winds can be a common occurrence in North Texas storms and the outcome is usually missing shingle along with exposed underlayment. Again, a temporary, professionally installed tarp can correct this issue after an initial inspection. Wind also has the potential to lift shingle and allow dirt and water to create rot as well as damage fences, gutters, and siding. 

In addition to storm related damage, squirrels, raccoons and rodents love to chew through exposed wood especially in the winter months when finding a warm hibernation location is essential for survival. The Dallas area in particular receives a high amount of squirrels inflicting damage on attics, roofs and insulation. Most Dallas area homeowners do not know that these critters have become an unwanted house guest until precipitation causes leaks and emergency roof repair is needed so that interior damage is prevented.

When searching for a roofing company for your emergency roofing needs you should consider the following:

How long has this business has been open?

What are their credentials?

Do they have good reviews?

Are they local?

Do they offer 24 hour emergency tarp services?

Do they provide warranty on labor and materials?

Is the roofing company insured?

West Construction Group is a full service roofing company that provides tarping service as well as roof repair. Feel free to call for a thorough inspection 972-720-2594