Here is something that nobody ever talks about when it comes to roofing, but can cause BIG problems down the road.

No matter who you choose to perform your roof replacement, be sure that they REMOVE ALL OF THE OLD FELT underneath the hail damaged shingle. We see it all too often where new felt is layed over old felt which is a  cheap shortcut that shouldn’t be taken. Shingle Manufacturers clearly state that new shingle must be installed over a proper nailing surface but without removing all the old felt a proper decking inspection cannot occur! Leaving the old felt on is a dangerous shortcut that can have serious implications to your roof, and possibly void your new roof shingle warranty. A tiny holy in the old felt can lead to water entering and causing the roof decking to become rotten and cause leaks. Having multiple layers of felt can cause the shingle to prematurely age leading to blistering and granular loss.

What should I do if my roofer doesn’t want to replace my felt?

As a homeowner, the number one question that you should be asking your general contractor is “Will you replace the felt on my roof?”
If a roofer tells you he wants to leave the old felt on your roof.. RUN away fast!!

What accreditations should a good general contractor have?

You should most definitely do your research when when hiring a general contractor. Always seek out a A+ BBB rated company that is located within the state that you live, storm chasers thrive off of homeowners that are ignorant to manufacturer’s warranties. Homeowners should check their local laws about state licensing and make sure their general contractor is up to par.

Here is a link to GAF’s video that explains this further.