Collin County succumbed to intense hailstorms on 3/24/19, Allen, TX was especially hit with several rounds of hail and there were reports of baseball size hail in Frisco, TX. Many homeowners are focusing of the restoration of their roofs, gutters, garage doors, fences, windows and siding. The storm was intense enough to cause leaks and broken windows. So many homeowners were forced to seek emergency trapping services. Along with hail damage many bones in the Collin County area reported missing shingle due to the reported 25 mile winds.

Hail Damaged Roof in Mckinney, TX

As always, residents should be cautious when choosing a roofer. Many out of town storm chasers are headed to the area and unfortunately they oftentimes take money without doing any renovation on the roof or leave town without paying their crews and subcontractors.

  • Never hire someone that is out of town
  • Make sure they have an A rating with the BBB
  • Find out if the roofing company is insured
  • Make sure the business has been around at a minimum 8 years

Remember the longevity of the roofing business says quite a bit about the company, you will always want a roofer that has responsible business practices. If a roofer low balls bids there is a good possibility the business will not survive and the warranty will only be a piece of paper when the business has gone under. There has been many instances where a roofer has replaced a roof with cheap shingle and less than desirable labor and the homeowner soon finds out that once there is rain there are leaks. Since the roofer’s business model isn’t sustainable the homeowner is now responsible for their own roof repairs since the roofer is no longer in business.

West Construction Group has already replaced hundreds of roofs in these areas and will continue to help the residents of the Plano, Frisco, Allen, Little Elm, and Fairview area with all their roofing needs. To schedule an inspection or if you are in need of 24/7 emergency tarping services call 972-730-2594