A guide to replacing your roof by Dallas Roofers at West Construction Group.

Replacing your roof isn’t going to always be after a large hail storm, there is always an average lifespan on material of the roof. Normal wear and tear will happen on all types of shingle and material types but oftentimes serious building oversights on residential and commercial properties shorten material lifespan significantly. This is a helpful guide that will give tips to the average residential and commercial building owner on when roof replacement is necessary. Factors such as proper workmanship and quality of products used will always be a determining element in the longevity of a roof.

When should I replace my asphalt shingle roof?

Shingles will generally last 20-25 years but if there are more than one layer of shingles then the lifespan has been reduced and will need to be replaced sooner. Roof decay also happens much quicker with extreme weather conditions, components within the materials break down much quicker with snow and hot weather. Decay of shingles can result in curling, buckling, cracking or missing pieces of shingle and once the underlayment becomes exposed to the elements decay will happen quicker and start effecting the interior of the home. Another good indication of when you should replace your asphalt shingle roof is to watch when your neighbors are replacing theirs, these homes will have been built around the same time as yours and will need to be reroofed around the same time. If you have entire pieces of shingle missing then its a good time to consider an entire roof replacement, the shingle will be difficult to match and your roof will have already sustained fading from the sun. Major structural issues like a sagging roof will also require roof replacement, problems such as this should be addressed immediately with a professional roofer to avoid collapse. Granule loss from the shingles is another problem that will need to be addressed with a roof replacement, once granule loss has reached a certain point the shingles will start to bake and the quality of the the shingle will greatly deteriorate at an increasing rate. 

Inspecting the attic space will be much easier task than getting on top of your roof and will help in assessing roof health. If you can see daylight through the decking in the attic then water will create interior leaks causing mold and other damage. To avoid this, tarping the exterior of the roof until a professional roofer can give your home a new is required.

Average cost of Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement: $5,000-$12,000 +20%-50% increase for energy efficient roof material upgrades.

professional Fort Worth Roofer
Decaying Shingle

When should I replace my metal roof?

In regards to metal roofs, loose panels and rust are indication that replacement is imminent. Loose panels will compromise the security of the building from rodents and thieves and will also cause leaks that can lead to mold. Even though metal roofs are very durable and low maintenance, their lifespan is around 50 years in ideal conditions with routine maintenance. Metal roofs are secured by screws or nails at trusses, these areas are prone to leaks and rust. A metal roof coating that shows decay will be vulnerable to the elements and galvanic corrosion. Many homeowners lack the understanding that metal roofs expand and contracts with temperature more that a traditional asphalt roof, the vulnerabilities are at the ends and side laps of the metal panels where the caulking seals age. Many homeowners opt for a metal roof coating, while this will greatly expand the lifespan of the metal roof it will still need reapplication every five years.

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Old and Rusted metal roof

When to replace your wood roof?

Rotten shingles is a telltale sign that its time to replace your wood shake roof, things like cracking, leaking, splitting and missing pieces are also a cause for concern. Rotting can also occur in older wood roofs and allow microorganisms, mold and lichen to live around the edges of cedar shake, this will prevent proper drying and moisture will be trapped. Rot can spread and repairing of only the rotten section isn’t possible. The average lifespan of a cedar shake roof is 20-25 years but it isn’t uncommon in favorable conditions where the homeowner provides proper annual maintenance for a cedar roof to last 50 years. If the aged area of the cedar shake in centralized to one area of the roof it is believed by many that the cedar shake can be only repaired in that area to correct the problem but when cedar shakes are replaced it creates disunity in color and texture. Appearance isn’t the only thing that is affected when there is a patch job, the surrounding shake wooden pieces will be disrupted. This can potentially lead to leaks and more damage, the best alternative is to replace the entire cedar shake roof for cosmetic and the most reliable roof.

Average Wood Shake Roof Replacement: $15,000-$22,000

Old Cedar Shake Roof in need of replacing

When should I replace my clay tile roof?

A clay tile roof has a lifespan of usually 30 years but have been known to last 75 years, determining when to replace your tile roof can be tricky because usually the underlayment is what will control when the clay tile roof will need to be replaced. The underlayment of your clay tile roof can become dried out, brittle, curl, and shrink; underlayment failure is the most common cause for roof leaks in clay tile roofs. Asphalt felt is the most common choice of underlayment for clay tiles but with the advancement in technology home owners are deciding upon synthetic or rubberized asphalt underlayment because of its increase in durability. Having a professional roofer inspect the underlayment every 3-5 years will be beneficial in establishing whether replacement is required. The professional roofer will also inspect the tile for cracking, chipped or missing tiles.  If the damage is limited its completely possible that only the defective tiles will need mortar to repair or if the tile has deep cracks the individual tile can be replaced.

Average Cost of Clay Roof Replacement: $22,000-$32,000

Remember, the longevity of a roof will always be based on its least dependable component. If your roof is approaching the second half of its lifespan take a moment to contact your professional Dallas roofer at West Construction Group 972-730-2594

How can I pay for my roof replacement?

West Construction Group offers low interest financing through Foundation Finance and can provide the help you need when seeking approval on your roof replacement or other home improvement needs.