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Dallas Remodel

While HGTV has entertaining factors and dramatic spins there is one lesson that can be learned from these shows; remodeling can increase the value of your home and add curb appeal. Remodeling your home can be expansive or be as simple as replacing the 70’s style wood paneling in the den. Your remodel project should be well thought out and coordinated with your general contractor. While Fixer Upper may have given you the confidence to try to do it yourself, remember a general contractor should be consulted. It would be devastating to destroy a load bearing wall while attempting to give an open floor plan to your kitchen and dining room area. A general contractor can also help determine which updated looks will bring value to your home. If you plan on living in the home while renovating tackle one room at a time and home maintenance projects should always be tackled before remodeling, you wouldn’t want a leaky roof to cause damage to a new wood floor, would you? Before you start your remodeling project consider the style you want for your home. Is it modern or rustic? What is popular now might not be stylish in 10 years so decisions about renovations shouldn’t be made on impulse.  The style you are going for will have an impact on pricing, a heated marble floor will give elegance to your home but will you see the value of your home increase because of it?

Value VS. Costs

Ideally, you will want to get 100% of your money back when you eventually appraise your home. A good general contractor will help you every step of the way in determining if knocking down a wall will give your home the added square footage needed to increase home value. Costs to consider when finding a general contractor that most people forget are building permits, inspection costs, engineering and architectural reports and possibly designers. General contractors also carry a much deeper knowledge of complex construction versus handymen and that comes with a cost as well. General contractors will carry liability insurance while handymen typically do not. Rock bottom prices usually get rock bottom quality work and that is the complete opposite of adding value to your home, while your estimate should be competitive it should also be comparable to the costs of other’s work.

Communicating your Timeline with your General Contractor

Managing your expectations will also help costs as well. Typically a general contractor has a list of projects that get done based on first come first serve, to be bumped up the list will usually mean hiring extra labor to complete your project in the timeframe you want. Remember your remodel project is a service not a product and its common that the lowest bidders do not stay in business for very long. The people that are needing to cut costs are typically doing that with cheaper materials or labor and not concerned if your new wall will still be standing in 20 years. Estimates that are drastically less than the others for the same amount of work should be discarded if you intend to be a serious investor in your home. Every general contractor wants to provide good quality work that they can be proud of while paying a livable wage to their labor and themselves.

It’s important to understand that finding good contractors is not the same as finding cheap contractors. If you are having a hard time finding and retaining good contractors, it is probably because you have the wrong focus. If you are focused mostly on price, you will always find your way to the low-quality contractors. Instead, you need to focus on the service they provide and then find the fairest priced general contractor within that subset.

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