Texas residents are as tough as they come and are aquatinted with all different types of weather conditions, including hail storms but when it comes to choosing a proper roofing company Texas is still considered the Wild Wild West. For finding the best Dallas Roofer for your home read all the tips below.

What licensing?

One of the misconceptions about roofers in North Texas is that there is “licensing,” Texas lacks state licensing that most states requires for roofers. This is why Dallas residents have to be so cautious when choosing a roofer, I’ve heard several home owners state “my roofer is licensed by the state.” Unfortunately there isn’t any required licensing requirements in the state of Texas for roofers but hopefully that will change in the future. Until then residents in need of a roofing contractor will have to do their due diligence in finding someone that is reputable.

Always Check Reviews

A good roofing contractor should have reviews from a variety of sources-not just testimonials on their website. West Construction Group has 5 star reviews on Google, Angie’s List, the BBB,  Nextdoor, and Facebook. The more sources, the better. The reviews should be coming from individuals that are local, after a hail storm out of town roofers flood storm damaged neighborhoods and many of these roofers get P.O. Boxes and local numbers to look like a local roofing company. By checking to see if the reviews are local will give you a good indication if the contractor is local. Out of town roofing companies are notorious for taking insurance checks from residents and never doing the work or a small fraction of the work, it then becomes a lengthy legal process for the home owner to get their money back or it becomes impossible due to the limitations of local governments. When choosing the best Dallas roofer investigate potential companies with thoroughness and don’t allow pushy salesmen to get you to sign a contract before you’ve completed your research.


Roofing contractors should provide at least 5 year warranties on all labor and should be using quality material that carry their own warranties as well. Here is something that most North Texas homeowners don’t know; roofers have to follow the proper application process in order for the manufacturer to stand by their product’s warranties. Not removing old felt could very well void most shingle manufacturer’s warranties. Dallas homeowners should always question potential roofers about their installation practices to ensure their home will have the protection needed in case of product failure. Manufacturer warranties vary from brand to brand in the fine details so homeowners should research, manufacturer warranties covers defects and premature deterioration of the shingle and not cover accessories such as flashing, metal edges, or adhesives.

Ways that Roofing Companies could potentially Void Warranties

Using the incorrect nail size

Using too many nails per shingle

Improperly ventilating the roof

Installing a new roof over a old roof

Pressure Washing a Roof at a high setting

Installing shingle on inferior decking

Improperly adding a satellite to a roof

Don’t Be Cheap

Everyone likes a bargain! If AT&T is selling iPhones at half the price-go for it. If Target is selling two for the price of one package of socks its worth it but your home needs the best material and labor possible for longevity. But beware of roofing contractors that low ball all the other bids, statistically; the best roofers aren’t the cheapest because they use quality products and labor. Customers that go with the cheapest bid are typically going to spend more money on repairing their roof over time due to correcting problems that could have been been avoided by using a good roofing contractor. Remember, you only have one roof.

Transparency is Key

The Best Dallas Roofers approach the job site with thoroughness and transparency, at West Construction Group we want our customers to be comfortable with the process of replacing their roof. Our communication is clear and we want home owners to understand every step of the process. If your roofer isn’t answering your questions and returning calls in a timely manner don’t expect them to care about your roof once the job is completed. Proper communication is essential to every good business model and there is no difference when it comes to your roof replacement.

Bonus Tips for finding the Best Dallas Roofer

-Make sure the roofer has a permanent place of business

-Ask your potential roofer for proof of liability insurance, there should be a minimum of $1 million in coverage in case of accidents pertaining to the replacement of the roof.

-Check to make sure the company has a proper tax identification number